Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are all your ingredients sourced from? 

A: Our essential oils mainly come from France and are grown sustainably under EU and US certified-organic standards. Our flower essences come from the UK and follow biodynamic growing conditions relying on local, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich soil and lunar cycles for optimal growing. 

Q: What products are safe to use while pregnant? 

A: We recommend turning to our botanical mists and flower remedies while pregnant. At the time of pregnancy the mists can be sprayed on fresh linens and clothes, as well as around your immediate space. Flower remedies can be taken throughout pregnancy and are safe and gentle while following our packaging guidelines. We do not recommend our essential oil rollers during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. 

Q: What products are kid-friendly? 

A: All our products are kid friendly, the flower remedies can be ingested by children following the instructions and mists can be used for children as long as they avoid their faces and sensitive areas. All activities involving our botanical products should be supervised by an adult. We recommend the essential oil rollers for children 8 years and over.


Q: When will my order arrive?

A: We work under a pre-order system to avoid waste from overproduction. You can expect your order to be shipped anywhere from a few days up to two weeks,  once your order is placed. This allows us to accurately calculate demand and make sure no raw materials are going to waste.  

Q: My package arrived damaged, what should I do? 

A: We are sorry to hear that and want you to have the greatest end experience possible. The first step is letting us know via email at info@myraflores.com and from there we can explore the best solution together. 

Exchanges and returns

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you prefer a refund we are happy to extend a refund up to 14 days after the product was purchased. As long as the product is in good condition and lightly used to test. 

Flower Remedies

Q: How can I know which flower remedy to start with and how long do I take them? 

A: While browsing through our flower remedies you can see them categorized based on your desired emotional benefit. We recommend browsing through each flower remedy description and closely matching your areas of focus to the description. The more closely you match the description the more impactful. If you match with multiple bottle descriptions, select the bottle that is most relevant to you at the time of purchase. 

If you are starting with remedies for the first time we recommend starting with Heart of Gold, Soulful, Inner Beauty or With Love as they work on grief and deep repressed emotions through the formulas.

Q: How many flower remedies can I take at once? 

A: It’s important to only take one flower remedy at a time and finish the bottle before moving onto another. After you finish your first bottle we recommend seeing how you feel, it is possible for the first bottle to bring up a new layer of emotions and we recommend switching to another bottle that matches and seeing how you feel. 

Q: How do the flower remedies taste?

A: The remedies all have no distinct taste and are formulated with vegetable glycerin, a vegan and gluten-free natural preservative. You may taste a sweet aftertaste if you chose to put the drops under your tongue, which we recommend. 

Q: Do the flower remedies interfere with other supplements I’m taking? 

A: Flower remedies are very gentle and have been used historically by all beings, including humans, plants and animals. They are safe to take with other supplements and the most important thing is that they are taken consistently for optimal benefits. 

Q: How long do I take my flower remedy? 

A: We recommend taking the flower remedy until the bottle is finished following a consistent intake of 4 drops 4 times per day. Since the flower essences work with your energy field, the consistent intake breaks up emotional patterns overtime and supports in experiencing the benefits. 

Q: How do flower remedies work?

A: We work close to Dr.Bach’s lessons on flower essences based on their benefits to heal negative thought patterns that can hold you back from living into your true character. 

Q: How often should I take flower remedies?

A: As our directions state, the flower remedy should be taken consistently at least 4 x per day with 4 drops under the tongue or in your drink of choice. If you forget a day that’s okay, just continue taking it, the most important part of receiving the benefits is consistency. 

Q: How will I feel when I take the flower remedy? 

A: Of course, everybody will experience the flowers differently based on your own reasons for taking the remedy. The flowers work gently, over time, so it’s important to take them consistently to feel the benefits. Since the remedies are so gentle after finishing a bottle you may forgot why you started because you feel balanced from an emotional pattern that released, you may also experience the rise and release of emotions throughout.

Essential oils and mists

Q: How do essential oils work?

A: Essential oils work to support your body’s natural functions and rolling them on the skin with a carrier oil and inhaling them through a mist or roller, are great ways to receive the benefits. Each individual essential oil has different benefits and when blended properly the formulas can work together. We’ve specially formulated all our blends to support your emotional well-being and each blend can bring your body to a state of homeostasis or balance while offering a closer connection to nature. 

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while using essential-based products? 

A: A lot of our blends contain citrus which can help uplift your state of emotional well-being and give a refresh to the senses. After rolling citrus directly on your skin it's important to stay away from direct sunlight. During the summer months, if you would like to spend moments outside, it’s best to roll onto the skin in the morning or in the evening after your outdoor activities wrap up. We also do not recommend rolling essential oils directly on your skin while pregnant or breastfeeding, instead consult with a healthcare provider or use our mists to receive the benefits. 

Q: How often can I use the essential oils?

A: You can use essential oils as often as you like. We recommend listening to your body and carrying the roller with you or keeping it in a place for easy access throughout your day. Because uncertainties and a wide range of emotional states come up throughout the day, our oils can also be used to calm and bring the body, mind and spirit back to homeostasis. The oils are also great for night use, especially Wavy, which we recommend rolling directly on the soles of your feet before bed. 

Q: Where can I spray the botanical mists?

A: You can spray the mists in your immediate space as an aura mist, on your linens or clothes. They have also been known to be nice on the soles of the feet before bed. 

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