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Introducing a way to connect to well-being, through the natural healing powers of flowers. Not quite sure which product fits your needs? Read about our botanicals or reach us at info@myraflores.com


Essential Oil Rollers

Our rollers offer a state change through your senses to connect you with nature, wherever your day takes you. Travel light with our pocket-sized rollers and roll directly onto the skin to feel all of the benefits.
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Botanical Mists

Supercharged with a blend of flower essences and essential oils to match your desired emotional state, shake and spritz around your space and body as an aura mist or, on freshly cleaned sheets. or around the body.
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Flower Remedies

We’ve formulated unique blends of flower essences to support and to offer wellness routines that promote the release of emotions that could otherwise stay stagnant in the mind, body and spirit over time. Our use of flower essences are inspired by Dr. Bach’s teachings, a UK-based homeopath from the 1920’s.
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Flower Bundles

A dynamic trio of best-sellers, our Flower Bundles include an essential oil roller, mist and flower remedy. Brought together for holistic well-being, balance and emotional support, use on-the-go, at home or in your daily wellness routine. Choose your bundle by emotional focus.
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Learn more about our botanicals.

Following the highest-growing standards, Myraflores's premium-quality botanicals are ethically sourced from around the EU + UK. We formulate our small-batch blends in the heart of Amsterdam and use a pre-order system to skip the waste caused by overproduction. We value connecting with the purest sources of nature to support individual emotional well-being while also keeping in mind the sensitivity of each body.

Our Botanicals